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Speaking w/ Prospect Sierra @ Pegasus Books

Yo, had a chance to speak and read to a bunch of families of the Prospect Sierra School in Berkeley California at Pegasus Books in support of a fundraiser for the school. This was only the second time I’ve presented about my work in relation to my art book “Art of Rob” and it was well received. Lots of young ones copped the book and I got to do some doodles in their books.
Some of the topics we discussed in this presentation were:
  • The power of representation in kid lit and media
  • Literacy and the path to reading for fun
  • My art, career timeline, family, and art inspiration
  • Diverse Books, self publishing, and the publishing world
  • Social justice movements, activism, and art
Pegasus books is an old bookstore based in Berkeley and Oakland. The Solano store has a huge selection of diverse kids books and I’m always like a kid in a candy store when I’m there. Prospect Sierra is an independent or private school in El Cerrito California. I have been doing school visits as a storyteller since 2012 and I worked as an arts teacher from 2002-2010. I don’t miss being a teacher, but I do love talking to young people!
Dig this? I’ve been presenting to, reading to, and speaking with young people in presentations like these for more than a decade. Check out some photos from a public school reading at Bella Vista in Oakland, or Woodland Elementary in Oakland.
Also, here’s is a link to an interview I did for Rightnowish on KQED.
Photos by Prospect Sierra