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Bishop Yvette Flunder – Holy Trouble Makers Book

Proud to share this portrait I painted for a new book about faith and some ground breaking people who work within it by Daneen Akers. Bishop Yvette Flunder is an openly queer Black woman who is also a Bishop who runs her own church in Oakland (my home town). She has been criticized and outcasted for being who she is, yet she brings people of all genders, races, beliefs, and sexual orientations into her church. She welcomes them and I am honored to have painted her and to be a part of this book. Here are some words from the book’s creator:
Holy Troublemakers & Unconventional Saints is an illustrated children’s storybook featuring 50 stories and portraits of people of faith who worked for more love and justice in their corner of the world, even when that meant rocking the religious boat.
You can still PRE-ORDER this book which was just successfully funded through kickstarter.