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Seoul-ful pt. 3-Blast from the past (Mixtape)

As many of you know I love music, but you have no idea how obsessed I was with buying, listening to, mixing, scratching, organizing, and playing records I was. Now, must of it is done digitally. But this is a mixtape I made more than ten years ago (Can’t find the original art/design). I still like it and a friend asked me to share it recently; so I thought why not share it with you. I didnt have a four track recorder at the time, just 2 1200 Technics Turntables, a Vestax 05 Pro, my amplifier, and a CD Recorder/burner. I was and still am a great admirer and appreciator of music. Enjoy.

PS: Soundcloud cut out one of the tracks from the mix which included a dreamy Astrud Gilberto song, if you want me to send you the entire mix, just comment with your email.