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Zine Flashback-Sew Seoulful

Did this zine for fun back in the day, had it in spots in NYC, TX, VA, DC, MD, LA, The Bay, I think it was even in Canada and New Zealand at one point. The thing i love about zines is that there are no rules, everything is fair game. No art directors, clients, or people to please…just you and the reader (eventually). Think I may make another for fun! Folks like Christy Road, Shotgun Seamstress, Cometbus, Travis Fudge, Morning Breath, and so many others made me want to make one to start with, and eventually I made four…

These are some shots from the Zine opening at Fresthetic Gallery in Brooklyn, Ny. A whole lot of homies came through to help me celebrate this and it was awesome! Time I do another show, no?

Video from the event

Wanna see more? Click here

Brooklyn, over a year ago -SS.2 ZINE

Fresthetic Exhibit: Robert “Tres” Trujillo from Olubusola Ajayi on Vimeo.

This is footage of my first solo show, featuring black ink drawings and the second installment in my SS Zine series. “Sew Seoulful” SS .Volume two. It was documented and edited by Ms O.M. Ajayi who will be showing her debut film in Boston tommorrow. The show was held at Fresthetic in Brooklyn, NY. Since the show I’ve gotten the Zine into several stores in California and NY such as Desert Island(NY), Blue Stockings (NY), Bergen St. Comics(NY), Pegasus Books (CA), Rock Paper Scissors(CA), Pins and Needles (SF),and Fresthetic (NY) of course. I’m still trying to get it into some other spots, but I’m also starting to work on the 3rd Zine in the SS series. Stay tuned..

Sew Seoulful Zine now available at Pegasus Books in Berkeley,Ca

Peace the homie Ian overt Pegasus was nice enough to let a brother get the zine up in the store.Thanks Ian! If you havent been to Pegasus’ Books in the Btown, go check them out. They have a very laid back book store with benches and chairs for reading. Besides the love for underground and independent culture, wonderful old LP covers, old dvds, vintage books, they also have a very good childrens section that I had pull my son away from as we jetted to run more errands around the city. Look for more updates on the progress of SS.Vol.2 “Sew Seoulful”.Step by step! And go check out Ian’s artwork at . Im feeling the Farmer cow print Ian!

Fotos from Sew Seoulful @ Fresthetic en Brooklyn, NYC

Heres a few fotos from my cell camera:

And heres a link to Mikey One Soul’s fotos on Flickr: Over 70 people peeped them so far, thats good no? I subtracted the times i looked at em.
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“Come Bien” Books

For those who want to know where to buy the zine if you werent there: go here:

SS.Vol.2 Sew Seoulful-East Coast Release….and uhm, my First Solo Show

This was the opening for my 3rd Zine SS Vol. 2 (Sew Seoulful). The term “sew” refers to joining fabric, or in this case (art/ideas) together. Seoul, refers to the birthplace of my father “Seoul” Korea, and “Seoulful” refers to a mixtape i used to make back in the day with alot of soulful samples from several genres of music. Energy never dissappears, it just changes form…….
SS is a series of zines I started in 2007 and one which i plan to do until I get tired of it. thanks to all those who came thru and supported. It was truly a very humbling experience and and an honor to share my art w/ you. If you have any fotos from that night, please hit me up…
-Robert Trujillo/Tres

“SS ” pt. 2 Coming Soon yawl

Ive done about a quarter of the drawings for the new zine-by the time i get off the tour-im going into full finish mode! If you know of some stores where i can slang this-holler !
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