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Gift Box Feature 3 – Booklandia (Portugal)


BIG shout out to Maceo who is the founder and owner of Booklandia the first Gift/Subscription Box to give my book “Furqan’s First Flat Top” a shot. When I first debuted as a kids book illustrator and author Maceo almost immediately started carrying my book, other books I’d worked on, name plates I’d made, etc and she even licensed work from me to make coloring sheets.
If you’re not hip to her business it is one of the first bilingual and Spanish language subscription book boxes in the US (She now lives in Portugal). They carry books for children from newborns to middle grade kids. Not just that, she searches for books that reflect the diversity of Latinos (all colors). 
If you’re new to this, I’m sharing some of the amazing small businesses that have featured my books, merchandise, or artwork in their subscription book boxes. Booklandia is not only a gift box, it’s also a pop up bookstore that has filled a need in the kidlit world. Please go support the biz by purchasing books (physical or audio).

LINK: Booklandia Books

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Bookmark 4 – LEER

Check it out, this is my 4th bookmark featuring a Latinx boy. He could be from Central America, the caribbean, Mexico, or the US. This is another bookmark for all my bilingual educators and students out there.