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Gardeners of Belonging Exhibition


Fam, I’m honored to tell you that I have been chosen as one of 7 artists to paint and design large 8′ x 8′ pieces honoring other creative, active, and giving folks. My choice? The People’s Kitchen Collective! But why? What? Peep……

Gardeners of Belonging celebrates people who cultivate growth, flourishing, and belonging: like gardeners, they know that this work is both about tending plants and about tending the soil. The seven participating artists each selected a “gardener” from their life and created a portrait while sharing a dialogue about belonging. The art works were created for the 14th @lifeislivingfest in West Oakland and then moved to @ybca as part of the exhibition Brett Cook and Liz Lerman: Reflection and Action.

Featuring: Gardeners x Artists:
-Roberto Bedoya & Brett Cook
-Sister Peace & Erin Yoshi
-Miss Major & Evan Bissell
-People’s Kitchen Collective & Robert Trujillo
-Joan Osato & Nick James
-Jean Melesaine & Vanessa “Agana” Espinoza
-Amalia Mesa-Bains & Johanna Poethig

October 8 Life is Living
Lil Bobby Hutton Park
1651 Adeline St., Oakland CA

October 30th Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
Yerba Buena Center for the Arts
San Francisco, CA

Come check it out! Dig this? Check out Brett Cook

Video Feature: YBCA 100


So in 2019 I was nominated for the YBCA 100 (2019) and this is a video interview we did with them shortly after. I started going to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in the mid 90s to see a graffiti show featuring TDK, Spie, Dream, Twist and others. And then I went back to see a Twist solo show there. Imagine my honor at being chosen as one of 100 amazing artists for this event. 

They started doing these YBCA 100 awards to honor people, groups, crews, and organizations doing really dope shit in the realm of arts of course, but it expands into organizing, political work, and more. As I wrote before, I was and still am extremely humbled to be one of the 100 from last year. I have a few friends who’ve been part of this group and this year its my sister Cece Carpio. Check out the video and this year’s YBCA 100. If you get a chance, check out YBCA’s mission and visit them if you’re in the Bay and we’re not on quarantine lockdown.