Black is Beautiful 2020 – Kasi Lemmons

Black is Beautiful 2020 – Kasi Lemmons

Born in 1961, Kasi Lemmons began as a child actress. By the late 80s she had acted in nearly a dozen tv and film roles. She starred in films such as School Daze, Candyman, The five heartbeats, The Silence of the Lambs, Drop Squad, and GridLock’d. But whats more is that she began writing and directing, putting forth stories that highlight Black life! 
I first came across Kasi as an actress in “Fear of A Black Hat” a comedy that played on so many things in our society and hip hop. Then I saw Eve’s Bayou. That film still resonates today. And if the ending scene of Harriet is any indication, we’re just beginning to see what Kasi has for us next. I urge you to check out some of her films and see the ground she has broken for Black women in Hollywood where it is still extremely difficult to get your story made.

Salute Kasi! Let the producer gods bless you with many great and well financed opportunities to tell your stories!

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