Cambodia, Korea, Bboying, and inspiration everywhere…..

Cambodia, Korea, Bboying, and inspiration everywhere…..

Peep game, so for you artists …if I can offer one word of advice that keeps me gng besides rocking with a crew of artistic maniacs…look for other artists who are dope.I guarantee it will help you stop procrastinating and put the pedal to the metal.Case in point. I was somehow lead to two dope visual artists :
these two artists are hella raw, take notes.

annnnnd I stumbled across Andrew’s blog where the homie posted up two videos related to the lost art of bboying.Not only that, the seoul in me jumped when i saw a video with a battle btwn Bboys in Korea vs some japanese cats.Ridic.peep:

and: KK from Cambodia descent, raised in Long Beach-gets deported, brings -BBoying out thurr yawl.

Inspiration is everywhere……
Who said this:
“I bet you niggas lookin like…damn she fine.
But on the hold sucka duck,
ol’ girl can rhyme…
and im not up in the party tryna sex shit up,
i dumb dumb it enuf
so listen close baby doll
cuz i keep a few tricks tucked under my cuff
so if u want a lil’ sumn, step up”
-?(Los Angeles)

“life is like a dice game,
one roll could land you in jail
or cuttin cake
blowin kisses in the rice rain
…….they say candyman candyman
spit me a dream
blow a chunk of the levees out
and spit me a stream
knock a mans house down
and build a casine
a 2 thousand dollar goverment check from feem”
-?(New Orleans)

-Robert Trujillo/Tres

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