New Print! – I’m a Reader

New Print! – I’m a Reader

I started working on this one several months ago and just finally added the type to it today. You can go to my shop to purchase a print HERE.

Storytime: I was recently at the library with my daughter when I young boy came up to say hello and ask If I illustrated kids books. I told him I did and spoke to him about a fellow artist he should check out as I didn’t have any materials on me to show him. One of the librarians told me he was bored and I went to get him a copy of Jerry Craft’s graphic novel “New Kid” which is excellent. He smiled. But later he came back to me and my daughter and gave the book back (even after the same librarian also recommended it). I asked if he didn’t like this type of book? If he’d be interested in another?

"Nah, I just don't like reading." he responded.

To which, I said "Graphic novels, or books in general?"

"In general" he responded.

And yall, my heart sank a little bit because I was this kid. I was him. I hated reading. I prefereed listening to hip hop, playing outside, or watching tv. All good things, but I just feel that we gotta help our children develop a level of literacy that is strong and passionate. Doesn’t mean they need to be come writers, but I do want them to read. Sigh. I didn’t have the time to sit with him because my 5 year old was pulling my attention. But I wondered. Could he read and just really didn’t fuck with it? Did he not know how and as a result decided it wasn’t for him? Or was there literally nothing in that library full of books that interested him specifically?

Anyways, it showed me there’s still a lot of work to be done…..

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