Original ptgs as gifts (4 days to get em)

Original ptgs as gifts (4 days to get em)

These are gonna be hard to give away. But I got an “ok” from both subjects. Reminder to self, “smile” next time! These original paintings were created for the “Celebrate You”show and are being auctioned off to Support the mural project my crew is spearheading with The La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley.

Why am I selling these? Because it is for a huge public art project(free to public) and the organization hosting it has put in so much work for artists and activists to speak, show, and perform..its ridiculous.So if you or some one you know wants one of them…

LINK: To get these paintings 

 A word about the subjects:
The little one is my son. And he has inspired me in so many ways id need an essay to explain. But, this is one of my favorite paintings ever, so there. 

The other is of activist Lateefah Simon, a powerful and move making sister from Sf who broke ground for incarcerated young women by starting the Center for Young Womens Development. But her work doesnt end there, i met her while working in Juvenile Justice and she had tons of wisdom to bestow. I have always been inspired by her drive!

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