Ethnic Studies 2 (Purple)

Ethnic Studies is a framework for teaching history that highlights the people in the United States who’ve been ignored or erased from school curriculums. It focuses on African American, Native American, Latinx/a/o, Asian American. and Middle Eastern people. More on my reasons for painting it here. Want a print? Cop that here.

Watercolor portrait of a kid wearing a space helmet, painted red, with the word "Read" above; by Robert Liu-Trujillo.

Space Kid

I painted this in the summer wanting to begin a new series of “READ” posters. I was inspired by the traditional ones you’d see in a quiet city library, but I wanted to use illustration and feature children of color prominently. In the past I’ve illustrated a kid holding a book, but this time I decided to go more with themes. This is an example of personal work and art for merchandise.