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I’m on 2 panels @ Bay Area Book Fest May 4th

Hey yall, this coming Saturday I’ll be moderating a panel about community and i’ll be a speaker on another panel about food and culture. Juiced! If you’re going to the Bay Area Book Fest come see me.

1-Community Love

Saturday, May 4 | 1:00 PM – 1:45 PM I’m moderating this panel featuring Roxanne Chester, DeMareon Gipson, and Booki Vivat

2-Food and Culture

Saturday, May 4 | 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM featuring Ying Chang Compestine, Meera Sriram, and Me!!

If you’re curious to see the schedule of my panels and all the others that will be happening for the 10th annual Bay Area Book Festival please go to this link HERE.

Dig this? Check out this panel I was on w/ the Tacoma/Pierce County Public Library

Tandem “Building on Books” – May 9th

Hey if you’re in the Bay Area on May 9th and you’d like to support an organization that puts literacy first for Bay Area youth come check out “Building on Books”. This will be a fundraiser for Tandem’s work giving away books to families and educators, traning for those who work with kids, and so much more. this event will feature food, drinks, activities, and a talk by Tiffany Golden, Darshana Khiani, and myself.


School Visit – Black Pine Circle

Another school visit! This month I got a chance to visit a k-5 school in Berkeley California called “Black Pine Circle” in West Berkeley. I’ve visited a bunch of schools recently and this is one of them. These photos were taken by one of the teachers at the school.
Whenever I get a chance, I show the kids a bit about what I do beyond kids books and what made me want to make them.
This group of kids had some great questions and comments for me and it was fun to visit, meet teachers and the Black Pine Circle staff. I hope to get back there again sometime in the future.
Dig this? Check out some other schools/libraries I’ve visited:
Walden School – Berkeley, CA
Bella Vista Elementary– Oakland, CA
Weinland Elementary– Columbus, OH
Here are some more photos by my friend Kanoe!

Virtuous Con- Virtual convention Feb 25-26th


Hey folks, I’m going to be a virtual vendor at the third “Virtuous Con“. I’m excited to participate, check out the panels, and to interact with attendees. Once you register for this event you’ll be able to virtually interact with the different creators and vendors. More info and registration here.

What is this?
Virtuous Con is a company created by Cerece Rennie Murphy that produces and hosts virtual events, as a vehicle for independent science fiction, fantasy, and comics creators to grow an audience for their work. Each event venue creates an authentic experience for attendees including virtual “booths” for vendors to interact live with attendees about their products and live panel rooms to interact in real-time discussions. Murphy created Virtuous Con out of a need to help many of her BIPOC creative colleagues and friends whose businesses were disproportionally impacted by the COVID-19 shutdowns.

Dig this? Check out this virtual panel I did as one of the organizers of the Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair

Video: Oakland Creates Interview


part 1
Here’s the first and second part of an interview I did with Oakland Creates founder Avy Jetter. Check it out and come to the Oakland Creates Art, Comics, and Zine show in Oakland this weekend!

Oakland Creates Art, Comics and Zine Fest began as a vision about bringing folks together through art and giving them an opportunity to present their best selves, learn how to make a living while both interacting and serving their community with positive action. A vision to help empower folks to learn about themselves and develop themselves in multiple areas of the lives whether it’s education, healing, leadership or fulfilling their own art vision.

part 2
Oakland Creates prioritizes women of color, Queer, Disabled, Black artists and or any underrepresented artists whether they be new or emerging artists just starting out or artists that just have not been given proper promotion or marketing. Oakland Creates holds space and gives opportunities to amazing creative folk who have something awesome to say to the world and our local community. Oakland Creates celebrates storytelling and positive engagement. Let’s keep the conversation going. Because if we don’t tell our own stories, then who will?

Time: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Where: OakStop 1721 Broadway, Oakland, CA

Dig this? Check out my episode of Rightnowish w/ Pendarvis Harshaw

Rightnowish! – Podcast interview


Yooo,  I’m a guest on “Rightnowish” a podcast/ radio show with Pendarvis Harshaw on KQED!! Been listening since it came out in 2019 and have loved listening to interviews with mc/writer Rocky Rivera, MC/Historian Dregs One, Futbolista/Medicine woman Dania Cabello, Muralist Timothy B, Artist/Curator Ashara Ekundayo, Designer/publisher Mike Nicholls, Cartoonist Breena Nuñez,  muralist Josue Rojas and his Mama, and series pieces like this summer’s “Searching for a Kiki” with Corey Antonio Rose who lovingly shares Queer Black history.
Rightnowish seeks out a broad array of folks in music, film, activism, organizing, performing and visual arts. He gets in depth with each guest and topic in a very short segment that is so sincere, clear, and inspiring. Not since “Home Turf” , “Distortion to Static”, or “Hard Knock Radio” have I heard such a wealth of folks who are talented but underrated by mainstream media be highlighted. That’s actually how I found Pen, through his doc on Mike “Dream” Francisco.

But, what’s even better is that the team of host/journalist Pendarvis Harshaw with producer Marisol Medina Cadena and editor Jessica Placzeck make the process and final product PROFESSIONAL. When you listen you know who the episode is about. And you can hear it clear and concisely. Not all podcasts do that! And when I think about how they condensed our hour long convo to this short but meaningful piece; I’m awed. Subscribe to this show, share it, donate to KQED, and follow the team!


If you’d like to hear another interview or see some press I’ve gotten please visit this page

My Book in this VICE article


Here we go again, it seems that people just being who they are if that happens to be Gay, Lesbian, Queer, Trans, or gender non conforming seems to really piss White Christian families off. If not enrage them, it really fucking scares them. Check out this article about this town and how they handled books featuring queer children and Queer librarians trying to broaden the minds of local children and families. It was not cool how they essentially forced these librarians to quit. My book with. Laurin Mayeno happens to be the image featured here but really there are so many kids books featuring Black folks, people of color, queer or gender fluid characters that really scare just by existing. Smh
After reading a few more articles it seems that the heart of this issue is that they attacked queer librarians and made them (the key holders of a variety of information, stories, and resources) feel unwelcome; not only in their job but in their town.
Check out this good news pertaining to the book though: Gender Nation 

Seattle Urban Book Expo Aug 14th

5th Seattle Urban Book Expo video roster from Jeffrey L Cheatham II on Vimeo.

Check this out. I’m happy to share that I will be a vendor at the 5th annual Seattle Urban Book Expo this year in Seattle Washington. If you have family, friends, or colleagues in that area please let them know about this event which will feature writers kid lit, fiction, writing groups, and educators.  For more information visit their website HERE.

Here’s an interview w/ the founder of the Expo: Jeffrey Lee Cheatham II

Dig this? Check out some fotos from the last Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair  I co-organize in the Bay Area.

Black History Month Art Challenge 2022


Yo, it’s Black history month and that means it’s time for an art challenge. Normally I call it #BlackIsBeautiful but this year I’m teaming up w/ Fred Noland (Cartoonist/ Dad/ Cyclist) ads we’re using the following #28daysarenotenough (created by Joel Cristian Gill) and #BlackHistoryMonthArt . 
Got a group of students who you want to engage? Please share this with them and let’s get busy sharing Black folks, groups, orgs, locations, etc who should be essential to our understanding of Black excellence. Here’s a graphic w/ some rules. Download it, screenshot it, share, etc.
And during the month, please share other artists of any stripe making art for Black history month w/ us and your social media friends! We definitely will and we want to see it all! Keep an eye out for Avy Jetter, David Heredia, Miguel C Hernandez, and Tiffany Golden!

Q: Wanna see some I’ve painted in the past? Here ya go.