It brings me great honor and pleasure to present to your eyes a beautiful magazine called “PURPLE”, created by Ms. Dazjae aka Purple Zoe,Q, Bassagirl Osedra, Candy Anamoly, and Dollmatic. Contributing to this issue and up on deck are Tonya Moore, Janine Jackson, Samax Amen,Valjeanne Jeffers, and ME! In this beautiful publication you will find Poetry, Photography, Art, Do it Yourself Instructions (Revolutionary #$%^!), and Healthy life stlye choices and practices. One of the pieces that struck me very dear to heart was the piece aboutr Dr.KamKwamba who is something I feel our children don’t get to see much, an African scientist and inventor!Another was the piece by brother Samax. But, check it out yourself. For all of those folks reading this looking for an example of something diverse, artistic, and full of knowledge
for young people, please download this or better yet buy a hard copy from here.

NOTE: For reals, remember to shout out everyone in youre crew! I made three mistakes when responding to questions for this issue of Purple, my fault, not theirs.Its imperitive to admit mistakes and correct them, so folk dont get it twisted…

1.I am the CO-founder of the Trust Your Struggle Collective, not the sole founder.

2.BIG Shout out to TYS Members: Cece Carpio, Michael “1soul” Cordero, Erin Yoshioka, Pele, Miguel “Bounce” Perez, Benjamin Rojas/Mincho Vega,Shaun Burner,and Skot La Rockwell!My bad guys, you can punch me when you see me.Not too hard though.

3. Shout out to all the contributors to Come Bien Books:Brian Augsburger, Tina Bartolome, Amelia Berumen,LeConte Dill, Taishi Duchicela, Tiffany Eng, Ananda Khan, Joy Liu, Antwain Marcy, Alejandra Perez, Benjamin Rojas, DJ Sake One, Erin Yoshioka, and Tracee Worley…because these are the folks that make Come Bien Books happen!

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