Sticker Art for Convergence

Sticker Art for Convergence

Hey these are some cool new stickers I made for an organization called Convergence. They’re a digital and print magazine who makes articles, videos, podcasts, and more around organizing and political issues. Here’s their official description:

“Convergence is a magazine for radical insights. We produce articles, videos, and podcasts to sharpen our collective practice, lift up stories about organizing, and engage in strategic debate — all with the goal of winning multi-racial democracy and a radically democratic economy.”

I did a whole bunch of different sketches and ideas with phrases that Convergence wanted to see and these are the phrases they wanted to see.

From there I did a bunch of color ideas using a limited color palette and I was really happy they let me run with that.

These are the final color pieces and….

And this is what the final stickers looked like. I really loved working on this with Convergence and love how they came out. I have been making stickers and merch for myself for awhile now and this is only the second time Ive been hired to do it for someone else which was fun!! I’m not sure if you can buy these individually but I know the org was using them as part of one of their fundraising efforts. Go to to find out more about their work. (I did not design The Convergence logo).

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