Stuff i’ve been listening to: 10 (Podcasts )

Stuff i’ve been listening to: 10 (Podcasts )

I have been listening to a lot of interviews and podcasts of people, creatives, tech folks, activists, and more. Please check out some of these podcasts and support them.

I love listening to Latino USA, in fact me and my son listen to it all the time and have learned many things. More than that, many aspects of our culture and others have been affirmed by listening whether it be hip hop, soccer, racism, machismo, so much.

I love listening to Code switch because they tackle race and stories that so many other podcasts do not give AF about. One of the most infuriating things is to be ignored or rendered invisible. Code switch talks about a lot of these things: micro-aggressions, films, historical and current events and their contributors are Asian, African, Arab, European, and Latinx American and its dope to hear so many different view points.

Listen here I just got put on to this podcast by another writer named BAM from the TDK crew. This podcasts interviews graff writers from the Bay Area and all over about their history as writers and their first interactions with lettering. Its really fresh and is documenting a decaying history of art and Graffiti.

So in order to keep up with the times I am learning about what tech companies have been doing for decades, whether it be the way they develop ideas and products to the way they work together or fundraise and this is a great blog if you are an independent or collaborative business owner. People pay 30-40k a year to take classes with speakers like these yall. Peep game.

This is a series of podcasts that allow creatives of various fields to talk about what they do and how they do it. In this particular episode you get to hear from an OG in the game of political art, Favianna Rodriguez from my hometown, Oakland. Yall, so much game to be soaked up by listening to other artists describe their lives and there are countless other folks who have been on the series nationwide I believe. Another favorite is Mike Monteiro and Tajai from Souls of Mischief.

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