Stuff I’ve been listening to: 7 (Podcasts)

Stuff I’ve been listening to: 7 (Podcasts)

These are some of the best podcasts I’ve been listening to while working. Please listen too and share with your folks. You can listen while you drive, at your desk, or while you travel.

Publishing and people of color experiences both good and bad.

Radio Ambulante showcases stories from all over Latin America.It is primarily in spanish, but i’m posting an english one for you bilinguals out there.

Gina BytheWood Prince directed “Love & Basketball” , “Disappearing Acts”, and most recently “Beyond the Lights” and on this podcast Ava DuVernay interviews many different black film makers

Fanbros is an awesome podcast that blends comics, politics, film, hip hop, culture, and blerds and its awesome

This one is from my brother from another mother, writer/professor Simon Abromowitsch
There are others like This American Life and PRI too that i love, but go searching to see what you can find!

woops, forgot about SIDEBAR also a Blerd space w/ interviews with various illustrators from many different genres.

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