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Black is Beautiful (2018) 9 – Kye Allums

Born in 1989 and hailing from Circle Pines Minnesota Kye is a ground breaking trans activist and former athlete. He went to college at George Washington University and played basketball for the team; the Colonials. Kye had long been queer and in his 3rd yr decided to come out as a transgender male making him the first NCAA athlete to do so (transition from female to male). He has since left basketball. Despite being taunted, called names, and being questioned repeatedly he has become an advocate. Kye now is a public speaker and mentor to LGBTQ youth. He also wrote a book of poems titled “Who am I”.

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Black is Beautiful (2018) 3 – Roxanne Shanté

Born in 1969 Roxanne Shanté is a pioneering MC in the art of MCing and hip hop. Roxanne was a part of the legendary Juice Crew helmed by Marley Marl. She grew up in Queensbridge projects which was one of the largest housing projects in the US. She started recording at the age of 14 but had been rhyming and battling for awhile before. After she recorded a diss response to the group UTFO’s “Roxaxanne Roxanne” she blew up and started the “Roxanne” wars which resulted in countless songs dissing her or adding to the feud. Shanté would record three albums, tour, perform, and influence countless kids as a lyricist and as a bold woman. She not only rhymed about her skill but about serious issues such as domestic violence and sexual harassment. Transition. She leaves hip hop. And she goes back to school. By this time, she had been a teen mom, dropped out of school, and wanted to better herself. She worked out a deal so her record company paid for her education and became Dr. Shanté! She began investing her money in property, and youth. She is now a big advocate for health in general and girls specifically, encouraging thousand sof young women to get their education.  And this past year a feature film about her life was just finished and premiered at the Sundance film festival.
Did you catch the painting of Sha Rock?
Did you see the Netflix film about her life?

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