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Five & Dime 2 (Art + Food) come eat!

Peace everybody, its on again. If you’d like to hear about my creative journey, ask questions, or just kick it over some delicious food, please come check out Five & Dime. Its an event where creative people of many disciplines get to stumble over words while eating artisanal/hand crafted food inspired by whoever is the guest of honor. There are only 3 or 4 seats left and this will be intimate. So come through and check the menu.

Five & Dime (Art + Food) come eat!

March 13th from 8-11pm

Next week if you are in the Bay Area and you are a food/art lover you are invited to come break bread with myself and Chef Amanda Yee.  She’s cooking up an amazing meal and I will be talking about illustration and storytelling. Five & Dime supper club is described as

“Our Supper Club is about re-creating & reinterpreting the in-home dinner experience which we all know & love—minus that one crazy uncle who comes around the holidays. At Five and Dime, dinner is about the exchange of creativity, excellent conversation, & a chance to meet & build relationships in an easy going atmosphere. Here at our table, strangers become known and good music graces your ear, while you dine on Chef Amanda Yee’s fearless & tempting culinary creations. 

This experience lasts from 7-9pm, and is a combination of meditation, eating, and art. We offer space for the participant to meet with other Bay Area Artists over a shared meal, generate and share ideas, and engage in critical dialogue.