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Meet the Artist 2022


Hard to fit your entire being into an illustration. But I tried to put in a few things , today. Tomorrow might be different. But if you’re not aware of it, this is an art challenge called “Meet the artist”! Check out “Art Vs Artist” which is another art challenge I did more than once. 
What I’ve seen in these “meet the artist” pieces is a self portrait, your likes and dislikes, name, age, height, background, and what are some of the things you carry with you. I added a few other things but followed that for the most part. Have you done this challenge? Comment below w/ a link of yours or tag me!
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Video- Black is Beautiful


Whew this took a minute to do. Props to all the YouTubers, its hella work to make these videos. I wanted to make a video with some painting process and some information about #BlackIsBeautiful an art challenge you’re welcome to join me in. Why do an art challenge? To get better, to practice. Why this one? There are so many Black folks, movements, places. And I mean African Americans, Afro Latinx, Black folks in Europe, Caribbean folks, etc.

Music in the video by Allmos 

Guidelines for the #BlackIsBeautiful challenge:

1. Depict an unsung Black person, place of significance to Black people,  a Black lead movement, or a Black group. We hear a lot about the same folks year after year. Let’s expand that history and future. The depictions can be from the past or present.

2. Make it during the month of February.

3. Make 1-28 pieces. One a day, once a week, or just one for the month. It’s up to you.

4. Use the hashtag #BlackIsBeautiful and feel free to add on the year such as #BlackIsBeautiful2021 , etc.

5. Choose your medium. This is a visual art challenge. Watercolor, oil, collage, ink, photography, digital or traditional media are acceptable!

6. When you’ve finished post it online for others to see.

7. Add constraints to make the challenge more specific. Only use 3 colors, limit how many you make, the size of the pieces, the theme or subject matter, etc. Get creative!

Bonus: Give us a little background on who or what you choose 

Here are some example of pieces Ive created over the years:


El Yanga, Blake Brockington, Claudia Jones, Jewel Thais Williams


Camp Atwater, Marcus Books


Uncle Jamm’s Army, Contract Buyers League