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Blasian Narratives-Film/performance

Wow, can’t thank CAAM (Center for Asian American Media) Momo Chang and Roger Viet Chung enough for reminding me to take my family to see this incredible performance/film about what it means to be both fully Black and Asian. Still taking it all in. The cast gave so much of their full story and heart. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a more affirming event in my life recently (culturally,ethnically). Wanted to ask a bunch of qs of the cast but could not find the right words and I like talking. A lot! Still processing. But anyone who has felt the pull between two races, nationalities, countries, religions or more can identify with some of the stories in this film/performance. if you come across them at a theater, HBCU, college, go see them! Thank you ethnic studies gods for bringing this to light. All of my grand parents would have been very profoundly moved as I am. I asked the tween if he liked it and he said “eh, yeah I guess”.