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Bookplate 4 – Bboy Student (Spanish)

Here is my fourth sticker bookplate. Bookplates are intended to mark who the owner of a book is; whether that be student, teacher, library, or school. This one is in spanish for all the bilingual and spanish speaking folks out there.

You can purchase through my site.

Black is Beautiful (2017) 6 – Frosty Freeze (RSC)

Like many outside of NYC the first time I saw Frosty was in Style Wars. Frosty was one of the original early 80s members of Rock Steady Crew, a pioneering Bboy crew from the Bronx and Manhattan. Frosty was born in 1963 and began Breaking in his teens. Frosty would do some ill moves that were not only acrobatic but dumb founding and unique like his dead man fall, where he would jump up and fall flat backwards. The brother was featured on the cover of the Village Voice, was in many films such as “The Freshest Kids” and “Planet B-Boy”. Its not known to me what he died from at age 44 but he passed much too soon. After seeing his fellow Rock Steady brother Ken Swift on the train, it was apparent that these dudes were really down to earth, extremely talented, and pioneers for hip hop culture world wide. He was an artist with his own style that showed with every move he made.
Sources: Wild Style (documentary), NY Times, The Freshest Kids (doc), 
You can purchase this original piece $40 (includes shipping), please email at Anyone who has ties w/ his fam, I’m down to donate to any fund they have set up.