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Dia De Niño


What up fam, I will be reading and speaking / reading at the “Dia del Niño” bilingual book festival. Please go to their website here: and follow them so you can catch 1 of the 3 days with many creators such as Pat Mora, Nury Castillo Crawford, Juana Martinez -Neal, Patty Rodriguez, and more.

There will be readings, demo’s, give aways, and more.

Bookmark 7 – Leer Novelas Gráficas

Hey, continuing with this the bookmarks, here is another one in Spanish urging the reader to “Leer novelas gráficas” or “read graphic novels”. Forgive me if there’s a simpler way to say that but I want to encourage Spanish speaking kids and adults of all kinds to read these books as well. Hopefully this will be useful.
If you’d like to get one of these please cop it here.
Here is the last bookmark I did: Read Graphic Novels

Bookplate 4 – Bboy Student (Spanish)

Here is my fourth sticker bookplate. Bookplates are intended to mark who the owner of a book is; whether that be student, teacher, library, or school. This one is in spanish for all the bilingual and spanish speaking folks out there.

You can purchase through my site.

Bookmarks 1-4

Peace, just wanted to share these in case you have missed them. Bookmarks featuring children of color!!! Please share. I started working on these awhile back. At first I recycled an older image, then it was so well received I painted some more specifically for these book marks. This is for kids who love reading, or hate it. It’s for teachers, librarians, and book store owners. It is for english speaking and spanish speakers. If you would like one, or a pack of 10 or 30 for a group check out my store. More coming soon. Peace!