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Alejandria Fights Back- Cover process


What up? This is a bit of process behind the cover for “Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria”
First let’s start with the sketches. I usually do a bunch of sketches in my sketchbook or on paper. I think I did that too. But these are the first I presented to what was a huge team effort. Normally when you make a kids book you have 1-2 people to answer to. Thats either the author/creator or the art director. In this case I was working with a team of filmmakers and organizers called the “Rise home Stories Project” who initiated this project, writer Leticia Hernandez-Linares, and the team at Feminist Press (Lauren Rosemary Hook, Jisu Kim, and designer Drew Stevens. The book was translated by Dr Carla EspaƱa.
The next round was refining these sketches a bit.
They picked the one at the podium and thats the one I really nailed down. 
After nailing it down I went straight into painting the cover because the team was pretty loose with the art direction even though it was BIG. Here’s some of the painting process for the front cover. It was painted with watercolor. I start with an over all warm tone and focus where Ale (main character) was the focal point. Then I started to add color to the characters.
Here’s the final front cover painting w/ text on another layer drawn with ink.
Here’s a bit of the back cover sketches
They chose the one with a few things scattered around which was directly inspired by Dawud Anyabwile’s “Brotherman Revelations” back cover. Here it is painted.
And add the back matter (synopsis, logo, isbn scan) and the front cover design w/ type.
Love this book like so many of my others. If you’re not familiar with the storyline check out this video

You can get a copy of the book from your local bookstore, library,, or Feminist Press.

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She Hit Me First! By Robert Mossi Alexander (Cover Art)

Yo, this is a new middle grade book written by author Robert Mossi Alexander (Can’t Let Nobody Ride My Bike) that I illustrated and designed the cover for. Rob is a great writer who has written s a short and introspective piece about growing up, the cycle of violence, healing, and being a positive change. He also collaborated on the book with his daughter Lauryn Taylor Alexander who created the majority of the art for the book via chapter illustrations.
Here’s the synopsis of the book from Rob:
Jamillah is an upbeat preteen who desires a better life. She longs for real friendship but seems to keep spoiling her chances by hitting anyone who comes close. She also wants a good life for her mum and sister, but every time she tries, it doesn’t end well. Fortunately, she meets a classmate-who wants to be friends with her-and has a teacher, who both help her to deal with her habit of hitting people. Still, it doesn’t end there-a lot more trouble, and adventure awaits Jamillah as she makes attempts to show kindness to others and to change her world for the better.An intriguing tale of self-discovery, support, and determination, She Hit Me First is a book that uses great story-telling to inspire readers to believe that no matter the circumstances, one can still create positive change in the world.

Get the book here: LINK
Here’s a bit of the process of making the artwork.

color sketch

Follow Robert Mossi Alexander here at Hood 2 Higher Education

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Book Cover “Y U Gotta Call it Ghetto?”

This past winter I started working on this book with my homie, a great Poet and now a PhD LeConte J. Dill. This is a project she started with youth from the East Oakland Youth Development Center almost a year and a half ago. This is a collection of some beautiful poems about what youth in the east go through on the bus, in the street, at school, and in their neighborhood. Please demand it in your local book store. Holler at me if you need the isbn number. Or, check out the site! Thank you LeConte! Thank you Eoydc!