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Gender Nation – One of a Kind Like Me


So recently a picture book I worked on with Laurin Mayeno and Blood Orange Press got banned from a few schools. Read that post here. And we got a bunch of negative comments about the book from parents and adults who are frankly scared. They’re scared of folks who they don’t know, understand, or want to have to get to know so they can teach their children to understand them. 
But at the same time we got some good news! This organization Gender Nation founded by two parents who have queer kids to get books about the LGBTQ community and diverse stories into San Diego schools. They fundraise, and get these books into schools where they might not have the $ or just didn’t know about them. And our book “One of a kind, like me/ Unico Como Yo” is one of their books.
Please watch the video and go to their fundraising page because they’re now aiming to get these books into schools in Los Angeles, one of the biggest school districts in the US.

Campaigns worth supporting

Building more infrastructure to find and support Black owned business.

Never even knew this magazine existed. Please spread the word.

Support our trans brothers and sisters fighting to make their stories visible and to be free of stigma, stereotype, and hatred.

Array started off as Affrm, a collective of filmmakers, actors, producers, festival runners who nurture and promote Black films, now POC and Women film makers included.

Campaigns worth supporting in Oakland & Abroad

Right next to East Side Arts Alliance? What?!This kind of business employs the youth and the parents of youth, and is what Oakland really needs.

Keba Konte has been doing such good work in the Bay for so long (Art, Design, Food, Social Justice), its only right. Guerilla Cafe, Chasing Lions, etc
Mumia Abu Jamal is one of the most informative and revolutionary voices of journalism we have today. His work has helped shaped me and has touched millions. If you’ve never heard of his story, look him up here. And listen to his many broadcasts of political analysis.

Some campaigns worth supporting

The homie Josh’s art=Amazing

This is a film I did the logo and typography for and several illustrations

This already reachd its goal, but doctors giving patients perscribed veggies and fruits? YES!

N Steven Harris, an amazing comics artist out of NYC.

Marcus Books-Campaign worth supporting

This post I made on tumblr about Marcus Books got over 2500 hits. Why? I think people responded to the urgency with sharing because they support Black owned businesses in San Francisco, where so many Black folks have been evicted, murdered, arrested, or pushed out. It is also such a powerful beacon of light and resistance. Because, lets face it the history of people of color here in this country has been lit by extreme struggle and a never ending fight to regain some of what was taken away. You know someone who cares to put their money where their mouth and principles are? Pass this to them.


Some mo’ projects worth supportin’

The Coup. Been listening and supporting these cats since 92 or 93. Love what they stand for, how they sound. I have every album. Ive seen them perform hella times. Did I say hella? Yeah, hella times and they supported my crew TYS as well in the past.

World Up, I see some friends in this video and I’m excited about the work they do for NYC kids!

Folks want a conference about African American authors, writers, etc to grow? No better chance than now…from the folks who’ve brought you Mosaic Magazine.

Young Shields! I met this cat from Cali while checking out a art show in Manhattan several years ago and was instantly convinced by the sincerity in his voice about “art”. You can support this young legend now before he blows up.