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Collage of characters (3) 2013-2014

Been a year since I last updated a collage with characters from practice, study, finished paintings, and sketches. These characters are an effort to build my skill in storytelling by developing the look of the people I want to see in the type of stories I want to tell.

Check out the characters from 2012-2013 

Collage of Characters (2) 2012-2013

I’ve been working on characters for, well, for a very long time. About 4 years ago I think I started focusing on posting some of these gals and guys from my sketchbook. Here you can see a collage of some of these; some of which are hits and some misses. This collage (31-55) is a collection of a more focused practice of character design using watercolor, pencils, pens, photoshop, whatever felt right and most importantly fun. And well, soon you’ll see some more. If you missed some of these, follow this link.

Collage of Characters (1) 2009-2012

It’s a fun and gratifying thing to look back. Of course I like to be present and focus on what is “now”. But several things lead me to look back at all these characters. Such a big part of my practice is doing “it” in small increments consistently over a large period of time. Comics, character design, mural ideas, people of color, short stories, color theory, so many techniques and concepts to experiment with. Wish I could g through each one here, maybe one day I will. Doing these quick studies has informed my work to tell stories and to paint fun characters on canvas and on walls. But what do you think? Any of these fit you or your project? Did you see the characters that were in African Digital Art, Kiss My Black Ads, 7 Impossible Things? Holler back!

Water Writes Mural-Oakland, Ca

This mural was spear headed by the Estria Foundation and involved the collective painting, volunteering, and assistance of over 80 people. I have been helping by painting people and birds, beavers, water, and many other things while standing on lifts 40-50 ft up in the air (scared as hell-real talk!). But ultimately extremely proud to participate and be a part of such a monumental piece of Oakland’s new history and Estria foundations message of art+ knowledge spreading + and information. One of the reasons that this city got it’s name is because of the immense amounts of natural streams, rivers, and small bodies of water that were once so prominent. That is why there are and were so many trees and so much greenery. on this project you have tons of talented writers and artists out there.But which of them is giving you style and substance? Peep the youth, hella bay legends, my crew, and folks who are not only painting, but learning. Check out the links below on the wall. Much love and light.

The Oakland Unveiling:
Thursday, May 19 ยท 4:00pm – 7:00pm
Parking Lot @ 21st Broadway. Oakalnd, CA

DJ Agana. DJ Baby Tiger.

Arts+Crafts with Recycled Materials.

Photo Booth with finished Mural.

More Performers & Lots of Love

COLORLINES Article on the wall.

Odd portrait from the files

Been going through a lot of my art from the past two to three years and came across this one.Its too big for my scanner, but I thought i’d show you a tiny piece…I’m about to start selling some of these older drawings/paintings, holler if you are interested in an original….