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Inspiring Artist – Elizabeth Catlett (1915 – 2012)


I went to see a show of Ms Elizabeth Catlett‘s work several years ago at MOAD in San Francisco and I’ve been a fan ever since. I think I saw an image of hers in a book and was just intrigued by her style. She draw, painted, printed, and sculpted as far as I know. And my god she and is dope! She lived from 1915-2012 , born in Washington DC and passed away in Mexico. I love how some of her drawings are super realistic and others are quite exaggerated in style. Her work illustrated Black and indigenous folks in a pride stance. She also was an activist and organizer so you get to see some of her thoughts on race and class in her work. You can read more about her life and her work in this recently published website of her life and her work: https://www.elizabethcatlettart.com/

Yo, if you’re new: This is where I share artists that have been inspiring to me in my work sometimes directly and other times indirectly. Again go to her site and check her out. 

The artist at work!

I still have this image up in my bedroom and love looking at Elizabeth Catlett’s work. 
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There was one on Mattahan/Paul Davey too.

Elizabeth Catlett- Black is Beautiful 19

This is the 2nd time I’ve drawn Elizabeth Catlett after seeing her amazing show at MOAD in San Francisco last year. Ms Catlett was born in 1915 in Washington DC and died in 2012 in Mexico. Her style of sculpture and printmaking were incredible. They had a color and style all their own. She studied at the “Taller de Gráfica Popular ” for many years and before going to Mexico studied with Lois Mailou Jones and many others at Howard University. Elizabeth was into depicting beautiful images of both Black and Brown people. She became politicized while living in Mexico and was working as a teacher, artist, and as an activist. So much so that she was barred from entering the US for many years. 

Here’s one of artist Wilhelmina Godfrey

Inktober 16-Elizabeth Catlett

I saw an exhibition at MOAD (Museum of the African Diaspora) with Elizabeth Catlett’s artwork. Wow, I loved her work so much. She used sculpture, printmaking, and illustration. She was born in 1915, grow up in Washington DC later ging to Mexico to study artwork there at the Taller de Grafica. I love her work because it depicts black folks with so much pride and strength. More than that she also illustrated a connection with Mexicans and Black folks. Go check out her work!
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