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Jamil, Maria, & Family – Fridays for Falestin

The purpose of this image and the following images are to share a fundraising campaign for a family who fled Gaza. It is organized by a relative of the family based in the US who represents the Alborno family. Please see the link in my bio for the full story and like, comment, share, and contribute if you can.

Image Description:
A set of slides with hand drawn watercolor illustrations of Jamil and Maria, Pal es tinian children around 2 and 5. Both portraits are held within a circle with an earthy green background, reds and auburns in their hair, warm skin tones and purple shirts. Maria has her hair in pigtails, and is smiling softly, while Jamil has lightly tousled hair with smile open and wide. There is a cream hand drawn background with yellow hearts and purple bursts on each slide and the text below Gofundme Link

Slide 1:
“Help Jamil Maria and Family
Fridays for Fal es tine
Slide 2:
“Jamil, Maria, siblings, and parents fled Gah zah to Turkey and need help recovering
Can’t help right now? Please help spread the word, Like, comment, and share”
Slide 3:
“Join Artists for Radical Imagination every Friday as we share a verified fundraiser to directly support a family in Gah zah. Follow and use the hashtag: #FridaysForFalestin

Art by @robert_tres text by Rob + @vulpinicvestements repping #artistsforradicalimagination Fridays for Fal’ es tin

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Oakland Solidarity mural w/Palestine-Video

My crew got down on this wall along with some very talented artists from Palestine to LA, mentors, graff, and street artists. Check out the video and the work the folks in it are doing. Me and my lady went to the opening of this mural and got to learn more about the struggle Palestinian peoples are dealing with.