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Kickstarter Update: Whats an Art Book and who cares?


Wow, its only day 3 and my Kickstarter is almost 80 % funded! Amazing! Thank you all. Here’s a bit of info to share….

What is an art book? Who cares? An art book is a tool, an escape, a resource, a push, a friend, its anything you want it to be. Of course we’re talking about paper, binding, pictures, words, etc. But it’s also a way to grab attention and get kids to take a break from the screens when you need them to. You can put them on the kitchen table, on your bookshelf, home library, or in a classroom. If you can’t buy them, you can check them out at your local library. But why? Art books are a great way to encourage young creatives! There are lots of different types of art books. Here are a few:

1. Photography: “Reflections in Black by Deborah Willis”

Its a book cataloguing Black photographers from 1840-2000. It has essays, memories, think pieces, and tons and tons of photographs. Black & white, color, experimental, and more. #photography

2. Animation: “Into the Spiderverse”

This is an art of book. Whats that? Well many feature and animated films have art departments that develop the look and feel of a film from the way actors act, to the designs of their clothing. An art of book for a film that you like can expand your understanding of how it was made and who did it. This book features many departments of the film making process. #animation

3. Murals: “Maestrapiece: San Francisco’s Monumental Feminist Mural”.

This book celebrates the herstory of a really huge mural painted in the Mission District of San Francisco on one of the first buildings ever dedicated to the lives of women; The Women’s Building. The book is full of old and new images, memories, and writings about how this crew of bad assess women painted this mural and why it means so much. #murals

4. Graffiti: “Piecebook the secret drawings of graffiti writers” by Sacha Jenkins and Chino BYI.

This is an ill book featuring some writing but mostly sketchbook drawings of pieces, characters, throw ups, and more by graffiti writers from the 70s to the 80s I believe. For any kid who was interested in Graffiti or street art this is a must have because it shows you a world that you wouldn’t get to see unless you were a part of the culture. #graffiti

5. Fashion: “The Sourcebook of Fashion Design”.

This is a dope book featuring how to’s , writing, and tones of photographs of sketches, designs, fabric, outfits, and garments from the designer fashion industry. And I mention this because you might have a kid who loves fashion. Get them some fashion designer books! #fashiondesign

6. Architecture: The Future of Architecture in 100 Buildings

This book features beautiful images of buildings of the future and some that echo the past. It spans the globe and features captions and short written pieces about the buildings. Got a kid in your life who loves architecture? #architecture

7. US History: “Celebrate People’s History” by Josh MacPhee

is a book of poster art. The art in this book features work by movement artists, groups, and more. The subject matter ranges from individual figures to historic events, places, and groups. And it talks about labor, laws, social justice, ethnic studies, and more. Because each poster has a very short reference it leaves it up to the viewer to look up what strikes them as interesting. #UShistory

8. Makers/ Builders: “Girls Garage” by Emily Pilloton

is an awesome resource for girls about how to build things. It features history, facts, and an encyclopedia about tools and lots of DIY tips on projects. One of the coolest things in it are profiles about women young and old who have built shit!! #builders

9. And lastly, I threw my book in there to illustrate the point that there are lots of different types of art books and mine is one of them. An artist sketchbook with character designs and other things. Thank you for supporting my kickstarter to make this art book a reality. Not only for me but hopefully for some young students out there.

If you’re looking for any of these books please go to your local bookstore or library and ask them about these art books!!!

Also did you see this VIDEO?

Old Art 2 – Overall’s design

1990 Was probably the year I drew these. Can’t say for sure because I didn’t write dates down back then. 90 was the year BBD dropped the LP “Poison”. I saw them airbrushed joints they were wearing and like sooo many other kids I said “I have to get those” to my mom. So, this is how a few bigs things happened for me. 1. I met the OG Mike “Dream” Francisco RIP 2. I because OBSESSED with Graff (I was already a big Hip hop fan). 3. I began my practice/meditation/study as an artist. For brevity, I’ll keep it short:
1. Mike Dream worked at Hilltop Mall in Richmond which was where it was at back then. His shop was “Shirtique” and the man, the art, and the love he showed filled me up and lead me to OGs like Spie.
2. From that moment on, I became an active student of Graffiti or “Writing”. I drew, I painted walls, bombed, tagged, hung out, formed life long friendships, all that but really more so remained consistent with drawing. 
3. Overalls, lead to Mike and Graff, which lead to me pursuing artwork on my own. The key here is “on my own”. No one told me to do it, my mom, family, and friends just encouraged me. The art I make is a product of all those people and encouragement. Its my job, practice, meditation, and spirituality at times.
These overalls still might look fresh! Stay tuned for more old art as I find them.
Did you see the last “Old Art” I posted? – Lynching 

Black is Beautiful 2020 – Cey Adams

It’s been a while. I took a break from doing Black Is Beautiful last year. I was taking care of my brand new baby girl and now I’m back at it. Not sure if I can knock out one for each day of the month but I’m definitely going to do do some new ones and a poster.

Lets talk about Cey! 

We talk about giving people their flowers while they’re still here and I want to give Cey some shine. If you didn’t grow up into graf as a kid, lemme introduce you. Cey Adams started off as a graf writer in the mid 70s as Graffiti was exploding throughout the boroughs of NYC. Born in 1968 this cat had been painting for many years when I saw him in “Style Wars”. Cey had and still has incredible letter structure that instantly caught my eye.

He went on to be a part of that merging of Graf with gallery exhibitions in Manhattan which I’m sure he caught flack for from some purists. Then he became one of the architects of what we know as design for hip hop producing graphics, album covers, merchandise, and logos for many of the best hip hop and r&b stars of the 80’s, 90’s, and beyond. He co-founded a design company called “The Drawing Board” which produced a ton of Def Jam’s design work! Today this cat is still making art with a mixture of beautiful texture and some classic logos.

As a 20 something while interning for design powerhouse Morning Breath Inc in Brooklyn I really got put on to Cey’s work as Doug and Jason showed me some incredible work he’d done that I didn’t even know he did. I saw originals that just blew my mind. For ever Cey will be one of my favorite artists/designers and I would love those celebrating Black history to not only include this man in the books, but to give him his props now. Much respect Cey if you’re reading this!

Sources: Style Wars, Def Jam,, Wikipedia, Noisey

Is this your first time seeing me do Black History Month art? Please check out a few of these!
Ruth Carter– Costume Designer
Betty Reid Soskin– Park Ranger

Inktober 9 – Lady Pink

Any kid who picked up a mag or saw one of the old flicks back in the day saw this woman’s name and face. Sandra “Pink” Fabara is a writer born in Ecuador and raised in NYC. She started writing in 79 and was one of few women on the scene tearing things up. Still an artist today she has been painting for nearly 40 years on trains, walls, canvas, and digitally. To this day she paints and has exhibited her work world wide while also collaborating with the younger generation. 
Sources: Subway Art,, Wild Style

Want this original drawing? $60 or Print? $20 (includes shipping)  
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Dondi White – Black is Beautiful 14

Dondi White, born in 1961 hailed from Brooklyn, New York City-the planet as they used to call it. Dondi was one of many early pioneers in the beginnings of Graffiti writing on trains in New York City. He started writing in the early 70’s and had many aliases such as Noc, Slave, or Mickey. He founded the crew CIA-Crazy Insides Artists. It was in the late 70s that his work was being photographed by the likes of Martha Cooper, who shot his iconic “Children of the grave” car in the book Subway Art. Dondi painted complex, simple, wild, so many styles. I guess thats why they named him “Style-Master General”. His work like that of Skeme stood out to me because of the style and colors. He should be counted among the greats in African American and U.S. Art history and he is missed. For further reading, check out Zephyr’s obituary in Art crimes.

Video: Of Love & Riots

This is a short video by the Sol Collective featuring interviews, work in progress for the show, and some footage from the opening night. The whole event was a blast and it was exciting to get the crew all back together for this rare event. The crew I’m talking about is “The Trust Your Struggle Collective formed in 2003.

Here is a post talking about the idea and theme of the show.

And if you’re interested in buying artwork from the show mine is HERE, and you can hit up the other members who showed work at:

Adrian Viajero
Ben Rojas/Mincho Vega
Cece Carpio
Erin Yoshi
Miguel Bounce Perez
Nisha K Sembi
Scott La Rockwell
Shaun Burner

Inktober 22- Mike Dream

This is Mike Dream, one of the pioneers of Bay Area Graffiti Art and Bombing from Oakland California via The Philippines. I met Mike when I was just ten years old in Richmond California at Hill top mall, and the last time I talked to him I was 19 on my way to work in Berkeley California. If you ever see me at an event or out and about, ask me about him. If you are unfamiliar with his name or his work, please look him up. He is one of the huge reasons why I was inspired to be an artist, and my life (like soooo many in the bay and across the world) wouldn’t be the same without his art, messages, advice, and example as a human being. Shout out to Spie, Vogue, Bam, Meut, Krash, his whole crew and all the folks who’ve ever painted/written his name. Shout to his lil brother, Akil, and the whole TDK family. RIP. If you are ever in Oakland California, you should visit “Dream Day” in August.

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