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“Play with Records” Poster

Your parents played with records, you should too. And while you’re at it, introduce your kids and the kids around you to records. Just made a poster with this artwork which you can cop HERE. Look out for more merch for the Etsy shop.

Children’s portrait Collage 3

So here is the third collage of children’s portraits. I started painting these about 5 years ago. My goal is to hit 100 portraits and I’m almost half way there. I took a short break while working on picture books, but some of these have been in my files that I wanted to share. If you can do me a favor and share this that would be great. Share with parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, or guardians that would be interested in commissioning a painting of a child.
Here is the FIRST collage
And the SECOND
This is the original video I made to talk about them.
You can email me directly about this at Info@robdontstop.com or visit my Etsy Store where photos of the portraits are.

Children’s Portraits collage-Year 2

Its been over two years since I started painting portraits of my child, friends kids, and other children. As always it is a blessing and honor to have been commissioned by so many families to paint their babies. Please check out all the faces from last September last year until now.  I started these paintings as a way to reach out to parents about my efforts to self publish my first children’s book and now it has succeeded in gaining funding. This year as I work on the new book, I will also be painting many new children, so look out for that. If you know of anyone who would like a painting of their child for the coming holiday season or for a gift in general please contact me at info@robdontstop.com or check out my Etsy page.

Also, check out this Family Portrait I did for Rad Dad creator Tomas Moniz and his family.


This year I also did a self portrait and one of my lady Joy. Here is the first year of portraits.