America’s Shadows-Film Collab with Tchaiko Omawale

Ok folks, this very talented sister named Tchaiko Omawale has spent the last 4 or 5 years working on a passionate project that is a calm but urgent wake up call to the young poc folkers out there. Were all at risk for this so its important to celebrate our diversity and look out for one another. Please peep the trailer and the artwork I did for the promotional postcard.
Una gracias gigante goes out to Ms. Tchaiko Omawale(who wasnt sure what she wanted me to draw, but knew exactly what message she wanted to convey) and Ms. Amatus Sami for hooking me up with the gig(lets build on the logo!).

-Robert Trujillo/Tres
Trust Your Struggle Collectivo
Come Bien Books

More film collaborations on the way.Seriously, with serious and beautiful folks who will hopefully enrich youre life as they have mine……..

America’s Shadows:

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American Shadows:

Be sure to check out Amatus Sami’s video for “Cherish”