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Who is She? 24- Sara Khoshjamal-Fekri

Born in 1988 in Rudbar, Gilan- Iran. Khoshjamal-Fekri is an olympic winning Taekwondo fighter. She has fought in Germany, China, Thailand, Korea, England, Iran, and many more places. She started competing in 2006 at the age of 18 and has won several bouts. But more interesting and important, she is the first Iranian woman to qualify and represent Iran in Taekwondo.

I started this series of illustrations for Women’s history month last year and plan to continue doing them for this year 2017. I invite any of you (artist or not) to join me in celebrating women from all walks of life, religions, genders, and nationalities. In light of the current climate of prejudice, racism, sexism, and more against Middle Eastern and African folks, Muslims, and women I would like to start off the month with some fighters to highlight their achievements and to promote self defense and “take no shit” attitude from anyone no matter who they are or what office they occupy attitude. Keep fighting back. Kick ass! Celebrating women of the past and present. Tag or mention someone who is a fighter (w/words, fists, paint brushes, etc)

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