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Story + Music Postcards

Drummer Postcard
Jneiro Postcard

These are heading for your fridge, art directors, and your friends fridge. The drummer boy post card comes from Short Story 12 and the colorful portrait is that of electronic/jazz/ hip hop/ genreless musician Jneiro Jarel. Both are from seperate series, but if you’ve been following me you already know that. Check the comments…to win one.

Jazz Portrait 24- Jneiro Jarel/Dr.Who Dat (Beats)

Update 2019: Indigo Eden is probably my favorite of the pre 2011. This is still one of my favorite paintings I did of this era of music inspired portraits.

Here’s my original post of Jneiro typography. Some songs of his I didn’t mention in that one are: Brooklyn mood, Nights over Nantes, and Viberian Sun . Why’d I put down this due? Because there is something vibrant, funky, and experimental in his music. I hear it.

Update 2019: Indigo Eden is probably my favorite of the pre 2011.

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