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Libro Mobile is one of very few Latinx owned bookstores I reached out to when “Furqan’s First Flat Top” debuted and they graciously carried my book. As the only Latina owned bookstore in Orange County, they serve a crucial role in providing community and knowledge. Please watch the video, follow them on IG, and contribute to their campaign if you can

Dig this: Libro Mobile 2018,  The Latinx Comics Arts Festival in Modesto

Furqan UPDATE 24 – More New stores 2018

Estellita’s Library – Seattle, WA
Boogie Down Books – Bronx, NYC

Burning Books – Buffalo, NY

Kweli’s Book Club (Formerly Nkiru Books) – Online/ Brooklyn, NYC

Libro Mobile – Santa Ana, CA
specializing in bilingual/ spanish books

Quimby’s Books – Chicago, IL

Vroman’s – Pasadena (LA) California

So, thank goodness for independent bookstores. If you are in Chicago, NYC, Seattle, or Los Angeles here are some spots you can get Furqan’s First Flat Top from. If you must get books for someone or a specific book, order it from your local bookstore. Yes it costs more than Amazon, but the money you spend helps fund your local economy and give your city access to knowledge, community events, and more. Please visit or buy from these stores. #SupportIndependentBookstores

Shout out to Nia King of the Queer & Trans artists of color series for recommending stores!

Libro Mobile – Santa Ana

Check out this campaign to assist in the creation and sustainability of a Latinx owned Bookstore in Santa Ana California that specializes in bilingual books, books in spanish, and books about Latinxs, Raza, etc. Please share and support.