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Black is Beautiful 2020 – Linda Denley

This is Grandmaster Linda Denley an outstanding martial artist with a 10th degree black belt in Karate and a 4th degree in Tae Kwon do. Originally from Houston she is known as the Texas Terror and has over 35 martial arts competitive titles under her belt. Known as a hard hitter and fierce competitor she has won competitions at the Long Beach International, the US Open, the US Capital Classic, and the Diamond National. She won the battle of Atlanta Karate competition 11 times in a row and was a top ranked female fighter from 1973 to 1996! She has starred in action films as well and has operated her own martial arts school (The Texas Black Belt Academy) for 45 years. She is the first woman to be inducted into the Black Belt Magazine hall of fame and her high school has a yearly Linda Denley day. Much respect to this great fighter who is still training and teaching today in Houston!
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