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Who I’ve run with-Crews/Families

Hey y’all, this is an appreciation post about some of the folks I’ve run with, worked with, and learned from. Some of these folks I’ve known since I was a kid, some I met in college or as an adult. All of them have given me a tremendous amount of love, support, ideas, game, and support and I’m happy to work with them.

Top to bottom, left to right: 

1. Trust Your Struggle Collective– (Bay Area, NYC, int’l) Crew of Graffiti writers, educators, muralists, organizers, etc who create large scale murals, gallery exhibitions, and educational workshops. Founded in 2003! I’m a proud co-founder of this crew. Learn more here.

2. Social Justice Children’s Book Holiday Fair– (Bay Area) This is a kids book fair founded by authors, illustrators, teachers, organizers, and book lovers in 2017. This fair champions books featuring People of color, queer folks, and social justice minded creators to serve our community. See some photos from past events here.

3. Tone/ Umber: (Bay Area) Both magazines were founded by an incredible designer, artist, and father Mike Nicholls who has been going since 2016 I believe with Umber magazine. A journal to celebrate Black and Brown stories relating to manhood, sports, music, lifestyle, and more. I was briefly a part of Tone , a magazine dedicated to Black men which is currently dormant, but you can see Umber here.

4. Rad Dad Magazine (Bay Area) Founded by Tomas Moniz in 2005. Rad Dad was a zine and magazine dedicated to helping fathers of all stripes share their experiences, triumphs, and challenges as dads. Read more here.

5. Muphoric Sounds– (NYC/London) Founded by Vanessa Warren in 2008 MS functioned as a booming part of the music blog landscape. We wrote about new and old music primarily focused on Soul, Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, Electronic, and House. Read some of the pieces here.

6. The Bull Horn Blog/ M is for Movement– (Boston/Bay Area). This is a blog founded by Innosanto Nagara, Alison Goldberg, and Janine Macbeth that highlighted children’s books from multiple age groups featuring stories by people of color and social justice minded creators. Read posts here.

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M is For Movement post-Back to Fun Bk Fair

Yo, I just wrote a new post for the “M is for Movement” blog and its up. I was so juiced to hear about this event happening out in the DMV (?DC, Maryland, Virginia) area because it consists of mostly independent Black book creators and it reminded me of the Social Justice Holiday Book Fair. So, whether you’re in the DMV or not I think you’ll enjoy this short article. 
If you follow Dana Clark Colors you’ll hear more about the next one. And trust, this is a growing trend across the US where people of color are taking matters into their own hands and combating a lack of diversity by making the books and creating events where parents, teachers, librarians, and book lovers can get the stories they are not seeing. I’ve seen events like this popping up in Chicago, LA, ATL, and NYC. Plug innnn!

Check out this older article about an event the East Bay produced.

M is for Movement 2017 booklist

I finally got a chance to contribute some book recommendations for kids book in an official blog post kind of way. Please go check out the picture books, comics, and middle grade/ya books myself and many other authors and illustrators recommend. Just about every book has some hint of social justice in it, which is why the “M is for Movement” blog exists.