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Giant Robot Documentary


This is pretty cool. Giant Robot was one of those cool indy magazines exploring a side of Asian American life completely ignored in most other publications. I saw them sparsely as a young artist but hella appreciate the work the co-founders did to shine a light on AAPI creators and the many subcultures they are a part of. The Giant Robot store on Sawtelle in Japantown was one of the first shops to carry Furqan’s First Flat Top in LA. What started as a zine became a movement.
Watch the whole episode on them here.
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Tone – Umber Magazine


Really juiced to become a part of this new publication dedicated to forward thinking Black men. Peep the short trailer and please go to the website and subscribe/follow. This is a new project started b Mike Nicholls of UMBER magazine and I have to give him props because he has been putting in major work to publish magazines in a time when people scroll endlessly.

Waxpoetics – Inspiring look back

Yo, just got an email from Waxpoetics with a link to this short doc about the magazine. This shit is really a dope magazine if you love hip hop, funk, jazz, soul, electronic music, etc. At the time when WP came out I bought the first or second issue (Berkeley Ca 2001?) because it had some art from Style Wars on the cover (classic graff film). And when this video was filmed I was actually living in NYC and contributed an illustration of 9th Wonder to the Hip Hop issue. Peep that here.
To see John Carlucccio’s (Battle Sounds Doc) higher quality version of the video, go here.
In case you missed it, WP left the scene for awhile and now they’re back. Not only with new magazines fresh off a kickstarter, but also with new videos. Peep this one about Chicago DJs and musicians.
Curtis Mayfield, Ron Trent, Crate Diggers record fair.