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Muphoric Sounds 13

Then we’ll have days that are filled with “days and nights” of love and you, and me…I’ve played this record out many times. Check out my write up on Roberta Flack and Donny Hathaway’s duet at Muphoric Sounds

Muphoric Sounds 12

Can’t remember for the life of me where I bought this record, but once I saw the cover and saw Larry’s name I picked it up. Lots of good cuts on this LP. Listen and read my review of it with a bit of Bay Area history on Muphoric Sounds And, in case you missed the memo, I write about old school songs i love that range from jazz to funk, electronic to brazilian.

Muphoric Sounds -In The Trunk

You know, I’ve always loved music. If you know me, you know I cannot go through a normal conversation with out referencing the latest “Kev Brown” or “Bambu” joint. But, its because music is just so inspiring and powerful that it has become a major life force, teacher, and comforter that whenever I work, whenever I play, when ever I need to think…I relate my actions to melodies. So, on whatever social networking site Im on I cant help but share new music. Some one I know noticed.And this leads me to a great honor I have been given.

Ladies and gents, I have been invited by the the editor over at Muphoric Sounds to be a musical contributor to their blog/online magazine………Yes….Its True. This is beyond cool. It means that I have an official platform to share some gems with you in my physical and mental record collection that I believe you as my friends, family, and folks will enjoy, and hopefully look for.

I will be posting slaps(songs) on there every month yawl, so check back.I’ll let you know when they go up. Shout out to Vanessa Warren, who put up with my run on sentences (I’m not a writer, but I love music!)and bickering to help me present something short and sweet for you the listener.

My segment is called “IN THE TRUNK”. Enjoy!