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Inktober 16 – The Royal Jesters

The Royal Jesters I found through Madlib. Chicanos have always had soul. Influenced by African American musicians of the 50’s and 60’s many Latinos (men and women) began to form groups in California and Texas. One of the gems of the 60s is the “Royal Jesters” a band from San Antonio Texas. Some of their hits in english and spanish are “I won’t love you”, “Wisdom of a fool”, “You succeeded” and “Yo Soy Chicano”. Check out the reissue of their works on the Numero Group label called “English oldies”.

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Rock en Espanol Vs. Afro Beat

Two pieces I did that are similar to the others in my music series. I did these waaay later though. Julieta (from Tijuana, MX)is dope, and if you dont know here shit, you must go look her up because I saw her in person at “La Pena” in Berkeley back before the LP “Si” came out, before she blew up and I was super impressed, I still am. I heard her for the first time on a road trip and the song that caught me was “Seria Feliz”, then “Casa Abandonada”. I love her first LP, “Bueninvento”, and “Si”,I’m still trying to get into “Limon y Sal”. Someone to watch out for is the very talented Ceci Bastida (Tijuana No) who plays on a lot of Julieta’s recent LP’s.

This dude, I can’t stress his impact on the world’s music. My dad listened to Fela and as a result I grew up hearing his stuff, seeing his concert tapes in Nigeria. The brotha has countless jams, his son Femi is dope. The one that sticks out the most is still the same…“Water no get Enemy”. And “Teacher dont teach me no nonsense”.You can hear the influence in groups such as Breakestra and Antibalas, it sounds so beautiful, no?. What about Analogue Africa? Another story…..soon come.

Did you see these drawings of Nneka, Raphael Saadiq, and Oumou Sangare?