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Elefint – ACLU illustrations

I worked with a cool SF based design company called Elefint.¬†They are the design team leading a project for the northern California ACLU with John Legend called “Meet your DA (District Attorney)“. This project aligns well with my values, Elefint’s, and the ACLU’s because it uses design and illustration to make sense of the justice system and how to fight for young peoples rights. Specifically the rights of young people of color who are the most caught up in it.WATCH THIS VIDEO!
Here is a link to their final design briefs and to the project website
Check out some of the illustrations

Did you like this? Check out this illustration I did for the Ella Baker Center!
Safety Is – America’s National Night Out

The New Jim Crow-Inspiration

Reading it and shaking my head, cursing, gasping, or tearing up while doing it.

Repost from my facebook: Ever since I was a child listening to my parents/relatives discuss heavy/ difficult to understand topics I had a hunch (like many of you) that “this” was all an elaborate set up, play, theater, cruel game. Reading “The New Jim Crow” (on the late bus, I know) is one of the puzzle pieces confirming that hunch. Sisters seem to already know what time it is w/ this book. But guys/brothers-have you heard of it? Its deep and its at the library for free 99.