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CultureStrike-“Visions from the inside” Illustration

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So, a couple weeks back I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate again with the amazing folks over at CultureStrike. They have been keepers of the flame for effectively connecting art with movements, and trailblazers at the same time. 
With this particular project all of the artists were given letters from children who are locked up inside the many detention centers across the US. Now, if you are new to this, these centers are private owned jails/prisons where countless families are detained and kept. Sometimes they are able to advocate or have someone assisting them to get out. Other times they are left in limbo. 
Please check out my artwork there and please share the work of other artists widely. Each artist has a different style, and each artist was given a different perspective of life in the detention centers.
Some process shots from this piece
I still have so much to lean about this, but the short end of it is this: The US private companies and the government who allows it to continue are abusing these folks. Not only that, but the abuse is racially motivated because the majority of folks are brown folks from Mexico and Central America. Another thing the media will not divulge when they report on the story of latinos immigrating to the US legally or illegally is the extreme level of violence, government corruption, instability, and poverty folks are leaving-a HUGE root of these problems historically? US intervention in the respective countries. 

It is important for people like me who are just learning about this, or folks who know nothing at all to be informed visually about what is happening. Some folks dont read, so share the artwork that CultureStrike is creating because there is a movement of folks trying to get folks free from the detention centers and to help reconnect families who’ve been torn apart.
Do not believe the hype about latino immigrants and stealing American jobs. American corporations specifically and explicitly started to take away jobs here because they found out they could pay people in other parts of the world a fraction, therefore making more billions for their CEOs.