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East Bay Edibles x Tamales La Oaxaquena

When I was living in West Oakland I met a very generous, loving, and talented family. Carolina Santos, her momma Oliva, and her son Isaac (who my son often played with). Carolina, my friend and old neighbor often offered to let me try the food her mom and her made, but one day I tried the mole her mom made and was floored. The best I have tried ever! Delicious.

Living next door to her family I got to hear about how challenging it is to run a business centered around food. The catering they do, the wins, the losses, the customers who are supportive and the ones who couldn’t begin to imagine the amount of history, dedication, and hard work go into the tamales they eat. I vowed to lend a hand artistically, but fell short of my initial promise. So when I got the word that Carolina wanted to do an article about the business I jumped at the opportunity to do some illustration. As I have mentioned food related art in the past year; it goes right along with the work I’ve been developing. And this family business needs the attention of anyone who appreciates good food and the history of Mexican food. Not only do these two make delicious food, but they can tell you stories about what life was like in Oaxaca Mexico and why that is important to how they make the food.

If you want to know more about them I highly suggest checking out this issue of East Bay Edibles. The article is called “Something Spicy, something sweet”. Edibles, in case you don’t know it is a national magazine about good food, the people that sell it and grow it. Hit up Carolina at tamalesoaxaca@gmail.com or call em at 510-613-5836

Big shout out to Edibles editor Cheryl Koehler for publishing the piece!