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Flashback – Zines

2010 Zine
Reminiscing, I found some artwork from some old zines I made. I’ve been thinking a lot about doing some new ones for fun and to work in a different style. The image above is from a class project I did with a few other students at Oakland’s “Youth Empowerment School” or YES which was a progressive high school in East Oakland. The class was not popular but I think making zines is a fun activity for kids who are into it. 
2008 Brooklyn
This photo is from the Brooklyn store Fresthetic. Those who’ve been following this blog for a long time know. But if you’re new, I used to live in Brooklyn NY for a short time which was ages ago. This show was in 2008 I believe. I starred making zines in 2007 and learned a lot about the community, events, stores that carried them, and how to make my own project. Basiclym, this was a precursor to learning self publishing kids books.
Wanna see more? 
Check out my first Zine “SS-Still Searching”

Inktober 1

Inspired by artist Jake Parker, I’ll be doing a few ink drawings this month to coincide with the Inktober month. Dig it deep.