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More Bad Ass Women – Women’s History month

Since I am making the decision to finish up some work that is on my plate that needs to be done, and I needed to take a break from my series “Who is She?” focusing on women’s history month figures I wanted to post some of my favorite ladies who I’ve drawn over the past two years or so. I’ll be back with more. Please celebrate and share art about women in the past and present who are making history. Our boys and girls need to see it.

Top to bottom, left to right (Inktober, BLK History month, Asian American heritage month, and Women’s History Month): 1. Elizabeth Catlett-Artist, 2. Sara Khosjamal Fekri- Martial Artist 3. Sandra Equihua -Animator/Character Designer 4. Bessie Coleman- Pilot 5. Idayls Ortiz – Judo Olympian 6. Roxanne Shante- Pioneering MC 7. Iris Chang – Writer 8. Merata Mita – Maori Filmmaker 9. Lisa Lee- Pioneering MC 10. Chhaya Chhoum- Organizer 11. Shine Louise Houston- Porn Filmmaker 12. Ava DuVernay- Filmmaker 13. Jackie Ormes – Cartoonist 14. Harmony Santana 15. Debbie Tewa- Solar Electrician 16. Peggy Oki- Skater/Surfer

Dig this? Check out this drawing of Ramona Africa