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Sunrise Movement Postcard


This is a sketch for a recent postcard illustration I completed for the Sunrise Movement, which is a group of young activists who push democratic candidates forward on issues such as environmental activism or justice. They’re running a postcard campaign to send postcards encouraging young people to vote. Myself and several other artists such as Micah Bizant, Jess X Snow, Studio Listo, and more.
So they did a run of 100k and they all sold out in the first day. Now, they’re going for 1 Mil. If you want one to send, or learn more, follow them and..
Check out some process art below. 

Dig this? Did you see my piece for Mobilize the Immigrant Vote?

VIDEO: Wex Center for the Arts (Characters)

Hey, I was commissioned by Wexner Center (Ohio) to make some quick videos for kids at home during quarantine. These took awhile to do but were really fun. Check out the first of three about drawing character designs. I make lots of character designs for fun, for clients, and for stories so this is a short peek into how I come up with them. I visited Columbus Ohio and met Dionne Custer who reached out to me for this.

See some details about this year’s character collage which is featured in this video a bit. Here’s one of them.

Children’s portrait 23- Josh

This is what the image usually looks like when I start. I never trace the picture so as a result it is never really exactly like the photo. But I try to get close to the child’s likeness. The sketch takes the longest out of all the steps usually.

So then, here are some shots of the painting process for any of you working on your painting skills, which I definitely am.
And the final
If you would like a portrait painted of your child, please click HERE.

Short Story 8 + Children’s Book Progress

The Story Context: On a cold day in Brooklyn a father and son take a journey together to cure a cough.They not only encounter obstacles, but they have fun getting past them.

In this scene: “After me and my Dad prepare the veggies and fruits, we juice them and drink to our health. The juice is both delicious and invigorating making us feel stronger and lighter with each gulp”. -Saj

So, this week I’m stepping one foot closer to publishing my own Children’s book. I’m heading to the SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) LA conference where I will do away with the challenge of not knowing many other young artists working in the field. I started scribbling on post its for this story two years ago and I’ve re written and redrawn several times. The process you see here is a product of that practice. You see the sketch, the color examples I did in Photoshop, and the process of rendering it using watercolor and ink. Each time I paint stories, i learn a little more. And each time I talk with folks in the Children’s book, Comics, or Storytelling field I learn more. I’ll be blogging about it once I get back and showing photos from it. Wish me luck.