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Queer POC Collage 2020

Hey, just wanted to share some of my favorite queer activists, artists, journalists, and leaders who I’ve drawn and painted over the past 5 years since its Pride week. There were so many so I had to just pick a few. This is my way to show up for my queer folkers by painting you and letting folks know I support you.

Top to Bottom, Left to Right:
1. Miss Major-Activist
2. Sylvia Rivera-Activist
3. Marlon Riggs-Filmmaker
4. D’Lo-Writer/Actor
6. Jewel Thais-Williams-Healer
8. Ann Wolfe-Fighter
9. Marsha P Johnson-Activist
10. Raveena-Artist
11. Arlan Hamilton-Venture Capitalist
12. Deb Never-Musician
13. Bishop Yvette Flunder-Spiritual leaders
14. Shine Louise Houston-Filmmaker
15. Jamilah King-Journalist
16. Alvin Ailey-Dancer