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Black is Beautiful (2018) 2 – Shine Louise Houston

This my friends is a porn director and producer! Originally from Long Beach , Shine moved up to San Francisco and began her interest in making adult films working at Good Vibrations (adult sex positive store) because she didn’t see the kind of adult films she wanted to see. I am including her because she is a groundbreaking filmmaker. In addition to making films such as The Crash Pad, Champion, and Super Freak she also is a pioneer in queer porn production. She believes in ethical porn and her films have won award nationally and internationally( 4o awards and counting). Annnd, she started a site called Pink Label tv to give viewers a way to buy, rent, and watch her films-and films by other female or queer filmmakers! Check her out, u can be any gender or sexual orientation to enjoy her site. 

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Inktober 12 – Aurora Guerrero

 Aurora Guerrero is a Xicana filmmaker from San Francisco who started working in film in the mid 2000’s. She went to school at UC berkeley and began assisting or working as a PA while she made short films. She then developed her first narrative feature film, the groundbreaking film Mosquita y Mari which explored a romance, attraction, and friendship between two young women who were Multilingual, multicultural and Xicana as well. Since the success of this film she’s gone on to direct for TV shows such as Fly and Queen Sugar. On a personal note, I got to meet some of the crew who worked on #mosquitaymari and they beamed w/admiration for Aurora and her film. Once I saw it I understood why. We need more women of color directing films and tv! Can’t wait to see what story she develops next. 

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