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Steal Estate trailer


This is the last of the projects from the Rise Home Stories Project. My book Alejandria Fights Back was one of the 5. Each project, the book, video game, animated short, podcast, and now interactive website are creative projects with a theme. Check out this trailer about “Steal Estate”. It will be an interactive website.
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Podcasts/Articles – Housing crisis/ discrimination

I keep getting angrier every time someone shares or posts another piece of this puzzle. Please read this Dope article by Pendarvis Harshaw about Oakland’s “Moms 4 Housing”, MLK, and housing. Then

Great show that hits home for me since I was born in Oakland and grew up in Berkeley and Oakland. Heres a link to East Bay Yesterday’s site w/ more info and photos from this episode.


Another great show which Detroits city tactics which robbed Black families of their homes and wealth. Heres a link to Reveal’s website.

I love this one because Maria keeps it real! WTF!!!!

This is super timely in SF, Oakland, and the whole bay! Reveal episode

Some historical background and humor about the history of housing discrimination in the US by the good folks at Codeswitch. Here’s a link to their website.