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Jazz Portraits 21- Roy Ayers (Vibes/ Composer)

So much to say about Roy. I think it was in 94 when i heard the Main Ingredient LP and the Blowout Comb that I really began to notice of this legend. I must of played “Searching” over and over and over again that summer on my little boom box. Then of course there was the Daylight sample from A Tribe Called Quest’ “Bonita”. Once I found about 2-3 cuts that had sampled his music, I began looking for the records. First finding records like Mystic Voyage, then Everybody Loves the Sunshine, then . But here are a few cuts he collaborated on with other people like Vibrations, the Proceed remix,and Take a look at yourself . Roy is arguably one of the illest vibraphone players and an incredible composer whose fusion of styles and sounds has inspired so many young people who continue to sample his music today. Case in point some folks were so inspired they decided to start a documentary project on him! And I cant forget “Aint got time“, love that track.