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Inktober 3 – The Lumad

I wanna give a shout out to my Pin@ys in the Bay and worldwide. My whole family has grown up beside u. Y’all are pioneers in Hip Hop and torch bearers for it and social justice! This is to bring awareness to the indigenous people (The Lumad) in the Philippines who are being killed, pushed off their land, and restricted. They are in a battle against Capitalist/Imperialist greed & power from the Filipino Govt and the US. Also in support of Pin@ys from Manila to Marawi , the Filipino pres Rodrigo Duterte has been on a rampage killing hella people under the guise of a drug war. Bullshit! Please follow @salupongan.internationalto learn more abt the struggle there and Filipinos in the US who have beeeeen working to support the struggle for freedom there.  Special shout out to @powstrug and @pelepino for the song “Stop the Killings” .

Sources: Salugpongan International