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Octavia’s Parables Podcast


Y’all!! I LOVE THIS SHOW! I started listening last year and quickly had to listen to every single episode. Of course its easy because I love Octavia Butler’s books and I especially love the Parable Series. But the hosts also make it really fun and relevant to today with questions and discussions that I find incredible. Support the show be listening for free on stitcher, spotify, apple, etc. And if you love it as much as I do become a patron on Patreon:
Toshi Reagon did a theater play about the book and made some incredible music based on the books. And Adrienne Maree Brown edited a book called Octavias Brood-a sci fi anthology.
This has inspired me to not only go back and re read the book, but to make some more art about it. These  are drawings I made in the past of Octavia:

Character Collage (6) 2016-2017

Here is my annual collage of character’s I’ve either designed or reimagined both with traditional and digital means. My main goal with these when I started 8 years ago was to practice working on figures and faces. More specifically I wanted to create a body of work that could be applied to children’s books, gaming, comics, animation, film, and more. I wanted to explore figures from the past, people of color, ethnic studies, activists, science fiction, and fantasy. Let me know what you think!
1. EZLN– Ejercito Zapatista de LiberacĂ­on Nacional 2. Cyclops-Xmen 3. Kamala Khan-Marvel character 4. Bobby Hundreds-Fashion design 5. Side plank – Yoga Pose 6. Repeal the Jones Act-boricuas 7. Sara KhoshJamal Fekri– Martial artist 8. Mary “Butchie” Tom– Dancer 9.  Bgirl Terra 10. Trayvon Martin 11. Lumad Youth-Philippines 12. Memphis Minnie-Blues 13. Frosty Freeze-Bboy 14. Vicki Manalo-Draves -Diving 15. Edna Lewis -chef 16. Mena
You can see the previous years here too: 
If you are interested in more information about any of the characters in particular, or a print just email me at